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Welcome, I am Psychic Joshua, a spiritual Love Psychic - Life coach with over 40 years of experience.

I have faith in what I do. At one point in our lives we all experience hard times. Hard decisions need to be made. My readings give accurate, detailed information regarding love, business, marriage, relationships as well as names, dates, times and places.

About Me

I am here to help and guide you to make the right decisions at the right time.
I combine new age and ancient restorative methods for each client.
I help my clients using powerful clairvoyance, meditations, prayer & cleansings.
My success record speaks for itself.
People have come from miles away for their personal Psychic Reading.


My Services

Facing life’s challenges is a natural part of life.
I am here to help and guide you through your difficult times. Healing must be in tune with your own vibrations, your spirit.
Your whole being has to be in it, integrated, moving in one direction.
You are invited to experience the most ASTOUNDING PSYCHIC READING you may ever encounter!

My Guidance

Are you having trouble coping?
Experiencing a breakup / divorce? Lost a lover to another? Experiencing heartache and longing?
Feeling hopeless, depressed? Struggling with grief and loss? Having family problems?
Career – financial issues?
It is my gift, wish and calling to help others with their problems.
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Love Specialist

I am a highly skilled psychic love master- SPECIALIZING IN HELPING REVEAL LOVERS THOUGHTS focusing on relationship repair and reuniting the separated. I offer many insights, powerful spiritual spells and methods, to help you overcome obstacles you’re currently facing. Guidance to repair broken relationships, marriage issues, overcome enemies, rivals, jealousy, lover’s quarrels, bad habits, stumbling blocks, bad karma /negativity of all kinds.
I am a highly skilled psychic love master- SPECIALIZING IN HELPING REVEAL LOVERS THOUGHTS
focusing on relationship repair and reuniting the separated.
I Help Strengthen The Bond Between Soul Loves and Joining Partners Together!
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My Reading & Services

Voted The Best

While you are on your journey towards personal, spiritual and mental growth, you will find help,
comfort, friendship and support from me. I am looking forward towards helping you on your path to happiness.
With the help of Psychic Readings, Tarot card Readings, Palm readings, Aura Cleansing, Love Healings, Spirituality, Spiritual Healing, Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing and Prayer I help to unlock the secrets of today and tomorrow.
Call me to receive answers to your questions. Guidance and solutions to help solve your problems.
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How Our Customers Rate My Services!

My readings help to uncover the past, enlighten the present, and help reveal the future.
All readings and services are private and confidential.
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Psychic Joshua got right to the point. I was confused, sad, lost directions and hope. We spoke during our consultation.
I needed to free myself from overthinking about my former husband. I had a chakra balancing, aura cleansing and a full Life Reading. I felt renewed afterwards.
Thank you so much for your guidance.

Tessa – Chicago, IL

Your services were wonderful! I have yet to be disappointed! I have had many Readings with Joshua over the years. He is kind, thoughtful, sincere and honest.
I trust her Psychic Intuition! He has never failed me. I would recommend a Psychic Reading with Joshua to anyone who may be in pain, or has unanswered questions about their life’s path. Thank you for all your guidance!!!

Leslie – Houston, Texas

I am amazed at the accuracy from my first Psychic Reading!
You were right on about my ex-love!
The love reading and spiritual guidance went beyond anything I could imagine!”

David – Katy,Texas

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